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At Prescription Solutions, we have been hard at work on creating a new website for you, designed to help you maximize your health. We have listened to you, and we are bringing you what you have asked for. We have made features and tools easier to find, simpler to use and more powerful.  Here are just a few of the new features you can look forward to seeing on the brand new


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Here are a few common questions and answers about the new website:


If I am a current customer, will I have to change my User Name and Password?

No, you will keep your current User Name and Password.

What are the changes I will see on the website?

We made the website simpler and faster for you to use. There are also more features, like the personalized dashboard home page, drug pricing tools, and a new look and feel that customers have been asking for.

Will I still refill and renew my prescriptions on the website?

Yes, and we have made it faster and easier. You may also order your over-the-counter items and medical supplies, too.

Where can I find more information?

There are many places to find help and more information on the site, including a help section, log in assistance, our click-to-call feature, contextual help, and links to Customer Service. Our Customer Service Advocates are available to you, any time, day or night.

If you are a current customer, you will be receiving an email soon with some helpful tips on the new log in process, and where to find some of your favorite features. 

Our new homepage: My Prescriptions Dashboard: new homepage Prescription Dashboard Tool

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