Credit card changes

Changes to your credit card and billing information can be made only in the Shopping Cart area, and only when you check out. Your credit card type, number, and billing information are all collected in Step 3 of the Shopping Cart checkout process. At this step you will be asked for your Payment Method, Cardholder's Name, Credit Card Number, and Expiration Date. This information will be stored for future use.

We are also working to include the ability to edit/delete/add a new credit card to the portal in the near future. This will allow you to make your necessary credit card changes without having to submit an order.


How do I find a pharmacy?

Over 64,000 retail pharmacies nationwide are in the OptumRx pharmacy network. We have a tool under Member tools to help you locate a pharmacy . To search by city and state, enter the name of the city, select the two-letter postal code for the state, then click the Search button. To search by Zip Code, enter the 5 digit zip code click the Search button. If you cannot find a OptumRx network pharmacy in your city, try searching in a nearby city.

What is a covered drug?

A covered drug is a drug that is covered, or paid for, by your health insurance or prescription drug coverage. It may be a brand-name product or a generic drug. It is important to know if your prescription is covered by your health insurance plan. See the tools under Member tools.

Prescription prices and copayments

There are two ways to determine what your medication copayment will be. If you have a refill available for your maintenance medication filled at our mail service pharmacy, your copayment will be listed next to the medication on the My Prescriptions Dashboard.

If you wish to learn what your copayment might be for a drug you are not currently taking, you may use our Drug Pricing Tool to look up that drug. The tool will provide you with a price comparison for filling the drug at retail compared to our mail service pharmacy, as well as display any lower-cost alternatives that might exist for the drug.

Note: When you give another person access to your account, they will be able to see information about you and your prescriptions. You should be careful about who you choose to have access to this information. You may also wish to review your choice of "Caregiver" or "Account Manager" on a regular basis by selecting "My Account Manager".